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DS Imogen Grey Series by Katerina Diamond

“A fantastic crime thriller series that keeps you intrigued with its plots and keeps you invested in its protagonists”

Genre: Crime Thriller

Series Synopsis

There are six books so far in this series, and they follow the lives of Exeter police officers Imogen Grey and Adrian Miles. Each novel presents a different case for Grey and Miles to solve whilst also delving into their personal lives. Here are the book titles in order:

  • The Teacher
  • The Secret
  • The Angel
  • The Promise
  • Truth or Die
  • Woman in the Water

Why I love this series

This is a fantastic crime thriller series where each book builds upon the lives of the two main characters introduced in the first book. The running thread of Imogen and Adrian’s lives as they face a new case in each instalment really helps you to become attached to these protagonists. Thanks to Diamond’s wonderful writing and character depth and development, I began to see them as real people with complicated lives and issues that we all face in life. The books are real page turners as I was eager to find out what would happen next in the case or in Imogen and Adrian’s lives.

What’s great about this series is that you can jump in at any book and not feel like you’ve missed a great deal. After the first book, each one provides a nice little summary of the action of the previous novel, which is helpful for new readers to the series and characters.

I love the relationship between Adrian and Imogen. They have such a strong bond and great senses of humour that lighten the mood with comic relief when the books’ tones become dark and heavy. Their friendship is one of the most compelling and brilliant aspects of this series; I thoroughly enjoyed watching their friendship grow and evolve with each book. It was also good to witness challenges they faced in their relationship where they disagree about elements of their current case for example.

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The themes of these novels are pretty dark and sombre, and Diamond tackles some serious issues. However, I think it’s excellent that she does because these topics are not merely the work of fiction, they actually happen in real life and affect real people every day. As grisly as these themes are, they provide the deeply intriguing elements of each case, and I was often on the edge of my seat with anticipation, yearning to learn the identity of the culprit.

If I had to select a favourite book in the series, it would be the last one. It takes the darkness to the next level with a single chapter that changed everything. I loved watching the consequences of this chapter unfold for the rest of the book, and possibly into the next book if there is one. Diamond has certainly left book six open-ended and I really hope there’ll be another one.

Overall, Katerina Diamond has created a fantastic crime thriller series that keeps you intrigued with the plot of each book, and keeps you invested in her protagonists and their lives.

Why you should read this series

If you love crime thriller series with great character depth and dark themes, this will be the perfect series for you.

Rating: 5/5

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